CF Badges - can they link to something better?

I have the CloudFlare badge on our ecommerce website. The problem is it just links to the CloudFlare homepage. Majority of my customers have no idea what CloudFlare is, so the badge is almost pointless.

I also have the badge on my page next to the CF badge. Clicking on it gives a pop up explaining that my specific domain is a verified merchant with some language that is written to make customers feel more secure.

So I’m posting a request to have the CloudFlare badges updated so that they give customers a better sense that things are secure. It’d make a lot more sense to have the badge on my site if it made customers feel better. Thank you!

As are most.

I can certainly grab that logo, slap it on a site, and create a very impressive popup that looks nearly identical to that Merchant Verified message. But without any links that may expose my fraud.

The point of the Cloudflare badge is just casual name-dropping. It’s not there to provide any assurances to the visitor.

Not necessarily:


I’m going to take a guess and say you don’t deal with customers on an ecommerce website. As with most marketing, much is about perception. The CloudFlare homepage is what it should be for us geeks, but sending the general public there is pointless. I’m not saying that any stupid “badge” proves anything, but this past week I had to explain things to a customer who had a list of jargon to throw at me that they didn’t even understand. What’s the point of the current CF badge being a JS if it just links to the homepage or changes color? Come on. Some very simple tweaks would change public perception and help others understand what CF actually does. — I mean CF has news on their NET stock ticker pages that is all about perception like “Zero Emissions Internet” I think changing this simple badge makes more sense in the short.

I’m very much against providing a false sense of security. From the logo page:

Tell your visitors that your website is protected and accelerated by Cloudflare

Fine…they can click on the logo and see what Cloudflare is about.

Pfft…hardly. As long as so many people continue to use Flexible SSL, things are “not secure” just because they’re using Cloudflare.

If you really want to show security, pass a PCI audit.


If you really think the general public can land on the CloudFlare homepage and comprehend what it’s about… lol – thanks for the laugh, cheers!