CF&Auth0 tutorial doesn't lead to working code

Hi there,

I followed the tutorial on CF & Auth0 ( Since I was unable to make sense of the tutorial itself I used the linked Github content and worked from there. I tried to follow all the steps, e.g. for setting the secrets from my Auth0 account, and I had the impression that all of them worked.

But the resulting Cloudflare Worker does not work: if I enter
in my browser it immediately comes back with
TypeError: Unable to parse URL:

It does not even show the login page.

I have run out of ideas what I might have done wrong. (and thus could try to correct).

Any hints are welcome.


BTW: my plan ist PRO (since 15 minutes ago or so)

This isn’t something I’ve ever tried doing, but have you checked with the devs at Cloudflare Workers’ Discord server?

Thanks for the hint. I’ll try it.

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