CF assigning 2 different name servers for my site

I was assigned 2 name servers (e.g. Bob, Carol) for my account and I use those for my domains in the registrar (Namecheap). Today when I tried to create a domain/zone via the API, it fails with an error to use a different set of name servers (e.g. Ted, Alice).

Everything I’ve read says that the original 2 name servers (Bob, Carol) would be used for all my domains.

Why is it now saying I need to use different name servers? This also seems to be swapping back and forth - If I delete the domain and recreate it, it will error because I’m using the wrong pair, no matter which. pair I use!

There is no guarantee of what nameservers it will use without account custom nameservers. You should simply use the nameservers it gives you after creating the zone.

You are probably also being impacted by the recent change, making it so that if you add a domain to Cloudflare and it is using cloudflare nameservers, it will pick two different ones. Either wait to change the nameservers until after you add the website (it’s still not guaranteed though, in case of other conflict), or use account custom nameservers (Biz or Ent Required) which would be more consistent: Account custom nameservers · Cloudflare DNS docs

Ref for change: Nameserver assignment · Cloudflare DNS docs

To prevent domain hijacking, you can no longer preset Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar before creating the respective zone in Cloudflare. If you preset your nameservers and then add the domain, your domain will be assigned a new pair of nameservers.

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This is not an error. Use the pair assigned by the API.

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