CF as registrar - what about WHOIS protection?


Over at Namecheap (where I currently have most of my domains) I now have free WHOIS details protection, i.e. obfuscation. I’m tempted to switch to CF as a registrar as I use it for all my nameservers anyway, but do want WHOIS protection and wouldn’t want to pay for it given it’s free elsewhere.

Any info on that?

p.s. Unrelated: I was surprised to see that .io domaina are much more expensive at CF than Namecheap, almost 2x more expensive …


WHOIS protection is included and free (where supported by the TLD, if it’s not allowed it won’t be working).

For .io domains agreed, there are registrars that have better prices, you could absolutely go with them. I assume they have negotiated deals with the .io TLD managers with lower than standard prices or have a loss in the hope you buy other services.


Will the WHOIS protection be automatically enabled upon transfer or do I have to do it manually after the transfer is done? In other words, is there a window of time where my domain contact details are visible on WHOIS?

EDIT: Actually, I see I need to turn off WHOIS protection at the old registrar before transferring … so that answers that questions. Bleh.


Sorry, but how do I enable or disable WHOIS protection? I don’t see any options for that in the domain dashboard. I can enable DNSSEC, switch off auto-renew, or edit WHOIS info … but there is no WHOIS protection.


Whois protection is always enabled with domains in Cloudflare Registrar.


That is unfortunately a requirement per ICANN rules, the transfer needs to happen between same contact details.