CF as primary DNS for a secondary DNS provider


At CF stated that it can act as primary DNS provider that serves DNS zone(s) to a secondary DNS provider, but I could not find in which CF plans this is supported and didn’t find any public CF article elaborating how to technically realize this.

Can you provide this info?


I believe you’d have to contact Sales, as it’s a premium product.

Hi sdayman, I have contacted sales but CF has sales only for the Enterprise plan, which I am not sure we will eventually go there, and my contact is not very technical. I asked here a very generic question, which I believe many will wish to know the answers for it.
This topic is not covered publicly beside the link I mentioned, not even in the public pricing table.
What do you mean by Premium? is it possible only in the Enterprise plan?

In short, yes. The feature mentioned in that blog requires Enterprise.

Thanks domjh, it will be good if CF will mention this fact explicitly in both this blog post and as part of its pricing table.

The blog post made it seem like it can be added to Enterprise, but sounded like a stand-alone product as well.

Both of them will be available as part of Foundation DNS and to enterprise customers without any additional costs.


Good point, my understanding was that it was an Enterprise product that had to go through sales but you could essentially get that without any other enterprise features.

Perhaps @hannes can confirm?

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Yep, it is not very clear… also it should be explicitly mentioned in the pricing per plan table.

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