CF as primary and secondary NS


I wish to know the followings:

  1. If we join a domain to CF – does this means that we have to use CF as the domain’s primary NS servers?
  2. Can CF act as a secondary NS? If so – in which plans?
  3. Can CF be the primary NS and cooperate with a secondary NS provider? If so – in which plans?

Thank you.


In all plan levels, except Enterprise Plan, yes.

Yes, on Enterprise Plan.

Click on Compare All Features and see Reliability:

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Thank you!

And what about " 3. Can CF be the primary NS and cooperate with a secondary NS provider? If so – in which plans?"?

AFAIK, anything related to secondary DNS domain falls into Enterprise territory.

You may want to check the documentation on DNS and see if what you need can be accomplished any other way:

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This briefly says what they offer:

Cloudflare offers a managed DNS service that can be configured in a hidden primary setup or as a secondary DNS service. In a hidden primary setup, users establish an unlisted primary server to store all zone files and changes, then enable one or more secondary servers to receive and resolve queries. Although the secondary servers essentially fulfill the function of a primary server, the hidden setup allows users to hide their origin IP and shield it from attacks.


Yes, you’d need to talk to Sales about the specifics.


Thank you both.
I was in contact with a CF sales person but he was more towards selling enterprise plan then answering these questions… The hidden primary NS of CF is a good direction - but I am lookin for an explicit and clear public text by CF that is stating that CF can and does enable connecting to it secondary DNS providers

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A lot of Enterprise features aren’t too well documented as they require interaction with sales and an account team. These may help:

Otherwise, maybe ask Sales to provide what you’re after?


Thanks, but these links do not give more info about my question. As noted - I was not for buying an enterprise plan right now so the sales person did not really helped me with these “side” pre-sale question.

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