CF and e-mail server

I have a domain, let’s call it ‘mydomain’ in that thread.
Domain and other services works fine with CF, but I can’t resolve an issue with e-mail server.

Using ‘-’ as dot because doesn’t allow me to include links. mydomain also ends with .com

I got following entries in CF:
A | mydomain | <ip_addr> | Proxied
A | mail-mydomain | <ip_addr> | DNS Only
MX | mydomain | mydomain | DNS Only

Trying to set in e-mail client server as ‘mydomain’ but receiving time-out.
mail-mydomain’ works, but serving certificated from shared host provider, what is mismatch with ‘mydomain’.

Previously when I wasn’t using CF and was using nameserver from hosting provider, everything was working fine.
I mean ‘mydomain’ as e-mail server and serving cert for my domain (mydomain).

Any tips in that case? Thanks in advance.

This is proper entries:

A | mydomain | <ip_addr> | Proxied
A | mail-mydomain | <ip_addr> | DNS Only
MX | mydomain | mail-mydomain | DNS Only

Your A record needs to be proxied. :orange:

If nothing has changed except who is hosting the DNS there shouldn’t be a certificate error. Since this is DNS only you’ll want to communicate wiht your host to ensure there is a valid SSL cert on the origin.

Not if it is his MX. It should be :grey:


@cscharff That’s an eye opener :+1:

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