CF and advertising + Wordpress and .... cache :)

Hi :slight_smile: I do advertising on Facebook and Google. A few time a day we edit CSS, JS files in Wordpress to make small changes in A/B tests in our ads. These changes need to be updated immediately because on this sites we all the time buy traffic.

On our websites work marketers, and sometimes they need to change small think (like the color in style.css) and see the results immediately on the server, but access to Cloudflare have only our administrator. So it takes time to inform him to “Purge Cache”. And see every single change on the server.

How to fix this problem? It’s possible to cache this files immediately after changes on FTP? After change CSS we need to clear cache in CF and in browsers.

Any ideas?

Hi, you can set the page rules from the dashboard, set style.css type of files to bypass Cloudflare caching.