CF all pages noy cached

CF (free version) seems to be working correctly but the cached pages in analytics only show about half being cached. For the last 24 hours it is 32K cached and 54K not cached. For the last week, it is 191K and 369K. Is this how the free version works - only half of the pages are cached? Of is there some setting I am missing, or something else?

Couple of things about the cache

  1. Not all extensions are cached by default Default Cache Behavior ยท Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs
  2. Cache is per location which mean if people are hitting different locations then that location needs to grab a copy from your origin
  3. Cache time is not guaranteed. If you have, something is set to be cached for a week, it can be evicted before the time passes, requiring grabbing a copy of the file from your origin server to stick in the cache.