CF adding to many strange 302 redirection on static files

I have just get my website behing CF, and some static objects (pictures, css, js, etc … ) are not loading because of a “to many redirections”
For example :
GET https :// website/css/style_latin.min.css => 302 Location: /NiKcZ/css/style_latin.min.css
GET https :// website/NiKcZ/css/style_latin.min.css => 302 Location /NLVVZ/NiKcZ/css/style_latin.min.css
and so one …
The redirection is not made in my website, if I load the same object bypassing CF I have no trouble a I receive the given object.
Some times 1 out of 10 the url is not rewritten and the object loads … and it’s not true for every object on the website it’s really driving me nuts …

Has anyone an idea ? I’m using the free plan and I have no rules whats ever …

That seems odd!

Are you able to share the domain?