CF Access exceptions for Wordfence

Hey guys!

I am currently facing the problem that due to my CF Access configuration the Wordpress Plugin “Wordfence” can not connect to my Wordpress Website.

My Setup:

  • Wordpress Website hosted in Azure
  • Wordfence Plugin as Wordpress Firewall
  • CF Access for /wp-admin & /wp-login.php → Specified Users can authenticate via email

The Problem:
If I understand it correctly, Wordfence uses AJAX and accesses the wordpress backend via /wp-admin to communicate with their servers.
In the Diagnostics I can see that the CF Access Page comes up when Wordfence tries to connect to my site.

What I have done so far:

Do you have an Idea how to get this working? Adding the IPs to a Teams Group and allow the group to access the /wp-admin Access Application does not work too.

Thanks in advance!