[CF Access] Authenticate entire server

I have a service (a website) protected with CloudFlare Access, which means that whenever I try to access it, I see a login page (I have configured Google auth as the auth mechanism). This works exactly as expected from and end user point of view.

But whenever I try to curl my service from a server, the curl request gets redirected to cloudflareaccess.com

I’m aware that I can get an access token using “cloudflared access login” abd then inject that token in my curl command with the “cf-access-token” header, but this solution doesn’t scale.
I have quite some applications (in the same server) trying to access my website, and I can’t modify them all in order to inject that header. (ej: I can’t modify all my bash scripts using wget, I can’t modify all my django apps that use the “requests” module, etc…)

Is there any solution that would allow me to authenticate “the entire server”?

Mutual TLS , whitelist the IP or is this is on the same box modify DNS resolution so it doesn’t go out through Cloudflare and back in.

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