CF 404 status code response

Have observed behavior with error codes 4XX, for example, NGINX return 404 Not found, however, after CF return only 404. Unfortunately, our app somehow using these codes with text as part of the application logic.

Have tried to find any information regarding such behavior but no luck. Is there an option to allow return status code as it originally returned from the origin server?

I’m quite sure that Cloudflare does not return 404s. I’ve never seen a Cloudflare-branded 404 page. Can you post a picture of that 404 error screen?

Actually, it’s not a page 404, it’s just a request from front to back which receive reply 404.
Here are examples:

  1. request via CF
  1. request without CF

A little bit more investigation has shown that in case any 4xx error on CF side body is not returned. That’s why I can’t see for example 404 Not found and sees only 404.

Is it possible to somehow allow the body? Any advice…

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