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Hello everyone,

I am using an italian domain provider where i bought the domain www.sitiapp.it. Now this domain provider tell me that if i move the DNS1 and DNS2 to Cloudflare their services will not more work. I moved the dns to Cloudflare and the cloudlfare dashboard create automatically the record mx for the email [email protected] and i tested it it works correctly.

Now the support of the domain provider told me that if i want to use the Pec email [email protected] i need to create a subdomain pec.sitiapp.it which record mx10 will point to their server server.pec-email.com

Is it correct and possibile to do on a free cloudlfare account plan?



Are they saying that you have to have that email address? I don’t set up admin email addresses for subdomains.

Hello Sfayman,
thanks for your reply.

They told me that I needed to create a new dedicated @pec.domainame.it email so I chosed [email protected] in order to get the pec email certification for that specific email address. I hope I am clear, thanks for any help.

It may work with just an MX record for pec.sitiapp.it that points to server.pec-email.com

Give that a try. Hopefully you won’t need to add any more DNS records than that.

Hello Sdayman,

it seems to work, i just added the record as u told me. I will make some test and update you in case i ll find some issue.

Thank you very much,


That is a thing that is needed in Italy for business, it allows for certified emails that are legally binding, the issue is that most providers are a mess. Amministrazione is Italian for the accounting department basically.

@pighy90 you should create a MX record for subdomain pec or pec.sitiapp.it (it doesn’t matter on the Cloudflare dashboard), with priority 10, pointing to server.pec-email.com.

As far I can see it seems correct in your implementation. It just seems that the priority is 1 instead of 10. Shouldn’t matter, but better put it exact in case support disagrees for some strange reason and blames you for issues.

$ dig MX pec.sitiapp.it +short
1 server.pec-email.com
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