Certificate Transparency Notification for dakmama.com

I get this Email Below after this my site show me server error , cant browse my site
" Hi,

Cloudflare has observed issuance of the following certificate for dakmama.com or one of its subdomains:

Log date: 2021-12-08 22:08:25 UTC
Issuer: CN=cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority,O=cPanel, Inc.,L=Houston,ST=TX,C=US
Validity: 2021-12-08 00:00:00 UTC - 2022-03-08 23:59:59 UTC
DNS Names: dakmama.com, [cpanel.dakmama.com]…

It sounds like you have Certificate Transparency monitoring enabled (SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates)

And that your host has updated your server’s SSL certificate, which is good.

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