Certificate Subject & hostname mismatch

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I am a designer & always try to put client website on cloudflare after designing. For every website i face this issue …
" Whenever i move the website to cloudflare. when we create email address on cpanel & try to use those mail using imap / pop3 on iphone. it gives the error & wont work. though before cloudflare the mailservers were like mail.domain.com but after cloudflare even i seen the mailserver as dc-390bffe1f09d.domain.com & placed that on iphone too. but it always give the error " Certificate Subject & hostname mismatch" & when click “advanced” it shows the error is due to wrong certificate it taken from cpanel SSL ( not taking from cloudflare ssl) so on android devices mail can work by clicking " proceed anyway" but on iphone devices no way to proceed. please help

By default, Cloudflare can only proxy HTtP and HTTPS, and it does not work with SMTP, POP3 or IMAP.

Ensure the hostnames you are using for these protocols are :grey: in your DNS dashboard. Any certificates will need to be configured directly on your origin.

The dc-390bffe1f09d.domain.com was created automatically because you were pointing your MX record at an :orange: hostname.

Thanks for replying brother!
I am using this setting. please have a look

even i am trying on gmail to add the webmail but same error if i choose SSL secured though its working for port 25 unsecured.

Still the same issue

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