Certificate still showing self signed

On a new wordpress installation I’ve followed the usual steps (set to flexible, force https, set page rule, installed the plugin) and yet it’s still showing an insecure connection. When I get more details, it shows it as a self signed certificate.

This wordpress is setup as an addon domain from the main domain account (as in, it’s a subdomain but doesn’t say so locally. dreamlogic.ca is actually dreamlogic.journeying.ca). I’m guessing that that’s the problem, though hours of searching haven’t revealed the solution. I’ve tried adding a CNAME entry on journeying.ca so that dreamlogic.journeying.ca targets dreamlogic.ca, but no dice (it was a shot in the dark).

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Both domains work fine for me. Clear your browser cache or retry in incognito mode

Next step would be to secure your site:

Thanks and sorry for taking up your time. I waited quite a while and kept checking after clearing the cache, but I guess it just takes time sometimes. Thanks for the extra resources!

Meh… It took me 10 seconds :wink:

I am happy If it works for you too now. Welcome aboard!

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