Certificate SSL does not work

Hello! On my site fashionday.school does not work SSL certificate. His status is “Active”. Now the point is flexible, but I tried all the options, it does not work for any choice. Help, please!

That is because your HTTPS certificate on your server is not valid for your domain. You’ll need to configure a valid one.

Alternatively, you can also tunnel eveything through Cloudflare (:orange:), though keep in mind if you let it on Flexible the connection between Cloudflare and your server will be still not be encrypted.

I do not have SSL certificate on my server for this site. I want to use the SSL certificate through Cloudflare, but for some reason it does not work with this site, with others everything is fine.

Hence I mentioned you’d need to tunnel it through Cloudflare. For that make sure the applicable DNS records are :orange:. Though with Flexible it will be still unencrypted and even with Full there is a chance of a Man-in-the-middle attack. Only strict Full will be properly secure.

Recorded correctly, two days ago:
NS earl.ns.Cloudflare.com
NS mimi.ns.Cloudflare.com
Encryption is not important to me, it is important for me that the site worked on https

And these are correct.

Do you realise, this is the same thing? That sentence contradicts itself :wink:

And what do I have to do now to make the certificate work?

I wrote that in my very first response. Please have a look at https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/categories/200275218

Thank you! Because of the language barrier, I did not immediately understand your phrase: “For that make sure the applicable DNS records are”. Thank you so much! Everything worked. It was necessary to turn this icon on orange

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