Certificate renewal

Hi there,
I have received an email from Cloudflare that says I have to manually renew my SSL certificate by inserting a new CNAME. but it does not say where to insert which part. My server has these options under CNAME:
type, name (that starts with an @), Target, TTL.
But the value asked to insert is something like this:

and then it tells me to click on a very long url. Is this spam?

Your site is not using Cloudflare. If you used to use Cloudflare but have since stopped, then you don’t need to do this. You could remove the domain from Cloudflare completely.

If you do need to renew this certificate, “type” is just CNAME, “name” is the long part where you blurred out the personal info, “target” is dcv.digicert.com, and TTL doesn’t really matter, 300 is fine or whatever the default is.

Hi @eenstip if you login to your dash ssl/tls app and see a notice indicating,
Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 3.53.22 PM

that will be a good assurance that the email is authentic.

If your nameservers do not/never pointed to cf, you may still be using cf as a partial partner setup.

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Hi @i40west I tried this. The full part for the name does not fit. So I tried removing bits and pieces from it, still no success. I feel like the email instruction is really not helpful. Its just saying add this to CNAME. and never said how. For a rookie like me its a bit difficult.

Hi @cloonan. Thanks for your suggestion. I did not find this under my dashboard.

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Here is my latest attempt in adding the CNAME. it says it has a conflict with an A name.

The “Name” field is where the longer part goes. The Target should be dcv.digicert.com.

But like I said, your site isn’t using Cloudflare, so it’s possible that you don’t even need to renew that certificate.

You should be right. Because I see no other red flags nor no warnings on my Hostinger cpanel.

Login to your Cloudflare dash

@eenstip I have sent you a private message with some additional details.

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