Certificate question 2

Hellow A few hours ago I also made an SSL certificate for the site www.stancuprint.com. That lock did not appear yet and I do not know if I have set the right thing or something in my account. Who can help me with this problem?

Looks good to me:

Hey I know it looks good but it still breaks on desktop and mobile. Can you do something with this problem please?

În lun., 18 nov. 2019 la 08:13, sdayman via Cloudflare Community [email protected] a scris:

Sorry, I’m a customer and have no access to your account. I see nothing broken on your site when I visit it with my laptop browsers.

Can you be more specific about what’s broken?

Possible from the settings until it is placed on the server. But for some time this bugs still appear … Maybe it is why this problem is being verified. Thanks!

În lun., 18 nov. 2019 la 08:14, Stancu Print [email protected] a scris:

Either the problem is from me or from the Vloudflare servers … Finally I hope to remedy it by tomorrow. So I understand that you can easily connect to my site? By the way please, can you also connect from your mobile? Write like this Google Stancu Print and go to the website button, I would like to see in Google analytics if you can enter the site. Will you help me with this if you please?

În lun., 18 nov. 2019 la 08:36, sdayman via Cloudflare Community [email protected] a scris:

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