Certificate Pending Validation status

Hello, it has been more than 2 days since the order of the SSL certificate, but it has not yet been activated and is in the “Certificate Pending Validation” stage. Please help me, maybe I’m doing something wrong.

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Also, the very first posting is very specific on the steps you should do before even posting and what information to include once you post.


9 days have already passed, they answer in technical support: «We have run a test to your Cloudflare zone ( herobrine.ru ) and it looks like either www.herobrine.ru or herobrine.ru was not orange-clouded.

For the Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate to be provisioned, you must orange-cloud any required records. Once the DNS record has been orange-clouded, your Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate will start to be provisioned.» Although all the requirements have been met. What’s wrong?

What usually works for me is to go to the bottom of the SSL/TLS page and Disable Universal SSL. Then wait 10 minutes, then turn it back on again and re-provision the certificate.

Your site is already set to :orange:. Hopefully this works.

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I tried, it does not help. Support as a bot responds with a single template message.

I think perhaps flip from full strict to full or flexible on the ssl tls app? I see a cypher mismatch error, search this site for the error and #CommunityTip to find other suggestions.


  • When the Free universal SSL certificate is issued, the message on your SSL/TLS app will now reads Active Certificate.
  • Port 443 on your origin server is refusing traffic
    - If you toggled SSL off and then on again when the DNS records were :grey:, you may need to try that again now that the records are :orange:

That was probably an auto-response and you should respond to it to actually re-open the ticket.

Also, is DNSSEC seems to be disabled at your registrar. Is it enabled on Cloudflare? Try disabling it. That is not necessarily the reason why the certificate does not get issued but worth a try.

Also, also, how long did you wait between disabling and enabling universal SSL?


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