Certificate Pending Validation over 24h

I have a web site : premierbuffet.com.vn. I change new accout Cloudflare ( removed site on old account). Add site succeed but ssl notification “Certificate Pending Validation” over 24h. Please help me!

Generally, SSL Certificate Delays - What should I do?.

In this case it seems it was not the “authorisation” which got stuck, but some sort of “validation”. What you can try is disabling the universal certificate at the bottom of that page, wait 20 minutes, and re-enable it. Should it then still not work open a support ticket.

Also, the SSL mode you have chosen currently (Flexible) is a very bad choice. Switch that to “Full strict” and make sure you have valid certificate on your server and the server responds to HTTPS.

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I have website : premierbuffet.com.vn. I was change site to new account Cloudflare. It was active. But SSL in crypto notification : " Certificate Pending Validation" on 2 day. I tried many way : disable Universal SSL (20 minutes) and enable, remove site and add one more time,… but same result. Please help!

I’m not seeing consistent results for your name servers. Is the new account’s name servers Lucy and Tim, or are they Cloe and Noah? How long ago did you move it to the new account?

For the new account, it needs to re-issue the certificate. Basically starting over.

As @sdayman suggested, what are the nameservers it gave you?

But as I wrote you yesterday, you should open a support ticket at this point.

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