Certificate of Residence for 2021

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I am looking for Cloudflare’s Tax Residence Certificate for Tax Year 2021 to avoid double taxation in my country (Poland). Is there one available and if so - where can I find it?

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Please use the Search function.

Is the answer visible on the screenshot attached?
One of the topics is this one/mine, the other leads to the Support team. Quicker would be to just point me to the Support team without the “educational” tone. Nevertheless, thanks.

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Hi there! Yes, please contact our support team in this case.

@sdayman probably mentioned the search function to avoid having too many duplicate threads in the future.

Hope that helps

True, got it the first time. I hoped to see some kind of sticky thread (or anything) on the forum concerning this topic when using the search function. I found none (as was visible in my screenshot attached previously). Anyway, stright from here I contacted CF directly as I did in previous years. They already have sent me the scanned document for 2021.

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