Certificate not valid


so I am having issues with my website:
my website gvatimes. com, is not loading on https. When I look at the certificate details, it is giving me gvatimes.lawyersmedias. com instead of gvatimes. com. I also looked at lawyersmedias. com, and the certificate there is also not valid
What should be done?

Thank you

That would indicate your server certificate is not valid and your host needs to fix that.

I would pause Cloudflare, contact the host and make them fix the server. Once your site loads fine on HTTPS you can unpause Cloudflare.

my host offers only http without https…

That is the issue then, you do need HTTPS on your server. If your host does not provide that, you should switch host I am afraid.

I am using godaddy, and it cost a lot to make it https… do you know a free way that Cloudflare can help with?
thank you

Let’s Encrypt is free as are Origin certificates, you still need to configure them on your host however.

sounds good, I will try that… thank you :slight_smile:

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