Certificate name mismatch

I have constant issues accessing website as it redirects to https. How can I renew the free Cloudflare certificate?

Most webbrowser won’t open my site and I loose business

Firefox - “Your connection is not secure”
Google Chrome - “Your connection is not private”

This feedback I get from the test at SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

Alternative names *.websitehostserver.net websitehostserver.net MISMATCH

Certificate name mismatch
Try these other domain names (extracted from the certificates):

I cant post domain adult content

Without the domain name, there’s not much we can do other than recommend you open a ticket. First, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.
If you want to take a stab at fixing it, go to your SSL/TLS settings page and scroll to the very bottom.

Click “Disable Universal SSL”
Wait ten minutes
Click that button again to re-enable Universal SSL.

This should re-issue a certificate.

That’s a interesting solution. Thanks will try now.

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having one Cloudflare account i have strangely different SSL/TLS settings per domain.
for the domain I have SSL certificate mismatch that keeps my site not loading on many web browsers I miss out on settings:

Always use HTTPS
Opportunistic Encryption
Onion Routing

cloud that be related?

How did you add this domain to Cloudflare? Was it directly through the Cloudflare dashboard, or was it through a third party (host/cPanel/etc)?

Also, give their SSL test tool a try:

Directly over Cloudflare.

Really looks like Cloudflare certificate issue

That site is currently bypassing Cloudflare and hitting your server directly, hence the incorrect certificate.

One of two things have changed in the Cloudflare dashboard:

  1. From the Overview settings, follow the Advanced Link. You may have Paused Website.
  2. On the DNS settings page, your DNS entry for the server may be set to :grey: instead of :orange:

p.s. As for posting the domain name, there’s no rule against posting the url of an Adult site (or any other type), but if it’s going to be a surprise when someone tests that site, a warning would be nice.

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Yes I paused because off the Error.
Its strange that the domain with certificate error is missing these:
Always use HTTPS
Opportunistic Encryption
Onion Routing
I think Cloudflare needs to reset that domain settings. The domain shows in the picture if interested.

Yes, I did notice the domain name, which is how I noticed it was bypassing Cloudflare. A certificate search shows that Cloudflare has a valid certificate for that domain.

I’m guessing here, but maybe those options won’t show up if your HTTPS isn’t active. Do you recall if you had those settings before?

I recommend you open a support ticket. In the mean time, keep tinkering with SSL/TLS settings to see if anything wakes up.

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