Certificate management 2

Ok I have an issue.

I’ve installed the OriginaCA cert and all is working well, the problem is it overwtires my existing cert, which I still need for the mail.domain.com.

I need to use the original server cert for the mail.domain.com but I cant seem to apply a cert just for the subdomain.

I need the Origin CA cert to just cover the TLD, domain.com and then the original cert to cover mail.domain.com.

Is this possible? Im using cPanel.


I am afraid that would be a question for your host. You can definitely configure different certificates at the same time per host, but it depends on your software and how you achieve this there. This is something you would need to clarify with your host. Server administration is unfortunately beyond the scope of the forum here.

But it’s definitely possible to configure different certificates for different virtual hosts.

Ok thanks, I i will follow up with them.

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