Certificate issuer is not recognized

When trying to receive payments I can see in the error logs from today it returns
ERROR - Exception: Peer’s Certificate issuer is not recognized. /home/APP/mercadopago/mp/mercadopago.php 429, we have used certificates signed by Cloudflare since its creation and there have been no problems until today.

We ask that the certificates be accepted or indicate a possible solution.
Payment provider that emits the error already contacted but wanted to leave a record in case something can be done on this side.

thank you very much in advance!

If you are using origin certificates from Cloudflare then you need to make sure the DNS record is proxied. Origin CA certificates are not publicly trusted

We are using FULL, not strict with origin CA certs, LetsEncrypt from the server to CF, and now after the DigiCert drop from CF, LE from Cloudflare to Clients.

So far a drop in VERIFYPEER option in the CURL request is a workaround, but we are waiting official answer from the local provider to accept the change as there is no issue in any other browser/thing except them (payment provider).

Is it possible that the site the code is calling has an invalid certificate? If you curl it from the host do you see a good certificate?

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Hi Jak3, yes the issue was resolved after uploading an updated certificate after the Cloudflare Digicert deprecation https://developers.cloudflare.com/ssl/reference/migration-guides/digicert-update/, with a new certificate.

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