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Is Cloudflare inc ECC-3 certificate no longer issued to websites? but instead an E1 and GTS CA 1P5

Cloudflare is now using 3-month LetsEncrypt E1 certificates as default for edge certificates. They are phasing out the 1-year Digicert certificates. You’ll still see some sites using the 1-year certificates, but they’ll probably get switched next time they renew. At the moment, you can still switch to DigiCert using an undocumented API call (well it’s documented for Advanced Certificate Manager but undocumented for Universal SSL) however it may stop working soon, and again it’ll probably get switched back when the certificate renews.

Are you experiencing issues with the E1 certificates? There have been some reports of ancient OS’s and browsers having issues due to their root certificate store being out of date.


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how to get Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3 certificate
i tried many domains but it only give me 3 months certificate instead of 1 year

You can still get a 1-Year certificate with ACM. But there’s really no real need to, unless you’re facing issues, as explained above by @user4358.

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