Certificate is still pending validation (http)

Hi, it has been more than 3 days and my edge certificate is still pending validation (http).
Have tried several troubleshooting tips from forums, but still no progress.

  1. SSL/TLS encryption set to full strict
  2. "Go to the bottom of the SSL page and click Disable Universal SSL, and wait five minutes. Then click it again to Enable Universal SSL. This re-starts the process.
  • This did not work

It seems like you are on a CNAME/Partial setup? If so, please check if there is a DNS record that is orange clouded for naturalteachoice.com. Alternatively, click the pending validation part and a verification record will be shown that you could add manually. Within up to 4 hours, it should be deployed.

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The DNS record is managed through siteground.
How do we add the verification record manually?
Sorry! Am new to all of this.


Any help please?

Same exact problem as Kenneth 100%…Siteground too…