Certificate is not trusted

The “Cloudflare Origin Certificate” certificates are not browser trusted, they’re only valid between Cloudflare and your server (when the proxy is on/DNS is orange clouded :orange:). You’ll need to enable the proxy by clicking the grey cloud for that DNS record in the DNS tab of the CF dashboard.


I have added the subdomain it has run well, and the subdomain that has not been added and the server’s IP will have the same error. How to configure ssl for all * .domain. and IP server

You have installed the certificate on your server?

If you change the grey cloud in an orange cloud you even do not have to install any certificate. Just turn it on at the Crypto part.

I am using the origin certificates but only for the traffic betwee the Cloudflare loadbalancer en the origin servers. The only one who can validate these certificates is Cloudflare themself.

And have an insecure connection in doing so. You still need a certificate on your server.

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