Certificate invalid video thumbnail

One of the Cloudflare domains is giving certificate authority invalid errors. It´s the video thumbnail url as mentioned here:


Check this url for instance:

For me and certainly others as well this gives errors. See screenshot attached.

If you post a naked URL it will be converted to it’s content, so the URL does not show up.
Please post it as `code` so we can inspect the URL.


Here you are:


Please post the output of this page here: https://videodelivery.net/cdn-cgi/trace

Which OS and Browser are you using? And what SSL Cert is getting offered to you from this domain?

After bypassing the cert error I get:

Contenido bloqueado por requerimiento de la Autoridad Competente, comunicado a esta Operadora

I´m in Spain. Something about the content blocked by the responsible Authority. My provider is Orange

Cert error happens on Chrome and Edge.

Have you installed the Cloudflare Origin Cert?

No and I will not. This stuff should work out of the box and it did before. Issues started a couple of weeks ago. Certs should just work for almost all browsers. The url is from Cloudflare themselves. iframe.videodelivery.net has none of these issues.

Could you try swapping videodelivery.net for cloudflarestream.com? There’s been cases with ISPs blocking Cloudflare Stream domains. Sounds like that might be the case here.


That seems to do the trick. Thanks! Maybe good if that would be the domain used in the documentation.

The issue is that some ISPs are blocking/censoring domains and IP addresses that host illegal content. This might be reasonable for regular websites that only serve their own content, but a service like Cloudflare Stream has hundreds of thousands of users and only a tiny fraction of those use the service for illegal purposes. Cloudflare will gladly handle abuse reports and take down illegal content, but it is much easier for the ISP to just block the service outright - even if that hurts the 99.99% of users who use it for legit purposes.

If the documentation started referring to a different domain, it would only be a few months before that domain is blocked too.

What I suggest you do is contact your ISP, explain the case and ask them to unblock videodelivery.net. If they are unwilling to do so, vote with your money by switching to a different ISP - and make sure to say why you are switching.

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I’m just writing to bump up the topic since we are having the same issues only with a colleague based in Spain.

I see your point @albert but wouldn’t be the case of Cloudflare contacting the ISPs? In our case is the Spanish Vodafone.

I mean, we choose to use those streaming solutions just to focus on our own business cases and not on the technicalities of serving videos on the Web.

Anyhow, I’m going to open a ticket with Cloudflare.

Thanks for the time you’ve put into it!

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To get this fixed on long term this is the right thing. But please notice, that depending on the plan you have this can take some time.

Please also bear in mind that we here are not working for Cloudflare, but are volunteers helping others in their free time, so we actually don’t have access to anything in the backend NOR can we take influence these things.

That is what Cloudflare is focused on, but a lot of ISPs don’t like this and block/hinder Cloudflare by doing so. I think that’s shady but tbh this is not my problem. I just want you to know that not Cloudflare blocked this, but your ISP.

A solution would be serving the content under the same root-domain as Cloudflares initial domain (cloudflare.com) like google does to prevent you from blocming their ads on DNS base :slight_smile:
But let’s see, if they weventually do this.

A better long term fix would be to allow my Stream videos to be served through my own domain. Switching shared domains is just going to lead to whack-a-mole. So something like this might be better:


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