Certificate installation for the subdomain

Please tell me where to find information about installing a certificate for a subdomain that is not on the same ip (server) on which the domain.

main domain - sample.com - ip
subdomain - two.sample.com - ip
in dns settings it is recorded as type A

here and there apache.
Do I need to install the certificate and key and both servers?

Yes, you do. Unless it is a wildcard certificate you also need to make sure the certificates match the respective hostnames.

There are 3 hosts in my certificate.

sample.c om


In that case you can use the certificate on both servers. Actually, the third entry is already covered by the wildcard.

Do you mean that 2 entries are enough?


As @sandro wrote, two. is covered.

Cloudflare certificates cover your root (sample.com) as well as the third level, like


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Thanks you, [MarkMeyer] [sandro]

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