Certificate Expired when using Flexible SSL


I’m using the Flexible SSL option and for some reason, my certificate wasn’t renewed automatically:

How should I proceed now to decrease downtime?
Is Cloudflare aware of this bug?

To help the debug process:

  • The DNS entry is being proxied by cloudflare (orange icon)
  • Flexible SSL was not changed for a long time

Curious thing, I’ve created a support ticket Monday 9 (Request #1799844) asking if the certs were going to be automatically renewed since my monitoring system was alerting about the certificates due date.


Had to buy a dedicated certificated to prevent more downtime.

Not sure how the system will handle the universal certificate now.

Why do we have an universal certificate manage button if I can’t do any action?

I’ve seen that happen from time to time…and it shouldn’t.

Oddly enough, I tested a few other domains in that certificate and they’re all working with current certificates. So I don’t know why just your domain was affected. Unless there’s some weird site caching going on. Since you’ve added another certificate, I can’t check for sure.

My general recommendation, other than opening that ticket (@cloonan?), is to go to the bottom of that Edge Certificates page and click “Disable Universal SSL”, wait five minutes, then click it again to re-issue the certificate.


Thanks for the reply.
I’ll re-issue a new universal certificate, should I delete the dedicated one afterwards?

How can we help to prevent this from hapening again?

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