Certificate error in Addon Domain SSL


I have a hosting in goDaddy for madlabds.com
I added the addon domain under this main domain so the addon domain structure i now like drfelipesuso.madlabds.com

The SSL certificate seems to be activated but i keep recieving the message that the SSL is untrusted.

What is it i must do to fix this issue?

That subdomain is not in Cloudflare DNS. It needs an “A” record with a name of drfelipesuso and the same IP address as your main site(s).

I wouldn’t bother with www.drfelipesuso, as that won’t proxy through Cloudflare unless you pay for the $10/month certificate with custom hostnames, and you’d also have to generate a new origin certificate because *.madlabds.com won’t match sub-domains (same reason you’d need that custom certificate).

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Actually looks like it was some sort of of spreading issue… its already loading correctly.

Thanks so much for you help, it was very good info :slight_smile:

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