Certificate deleted

Hello, Edge Certificate is deleted for villagioresort.com and is not getting renewed, neither can I find a way to renew it. Can you please help and thank you.

Can you try deactivating Universal SSL then re-enabling it? It would be at the bottom of this page.

Thank you but there’s no method to do this!

At the bottom of the page I linked, there is this button. Click disable, then re-enable.

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Right I did that and waited 30 minutes but still stuck with the deleted certificate :((

Can you share a screenshot of your Universal Certificate.

Here it is:

And your DNS records are proxied :orange:?
Therefore your domain is using your assigned Cloudflare namservers at domain registrar as far as I can see :thinking: Also, I can confirm DNSSEC is disabled.

Yes they are proxied and I have so many other domains using the same exact settings with certif active. Not sure why this one is stuck and there’s no way to contact CF for Free accounts :frowning:
Thanks for helping though.

Email [email protected] with the info from this post. You’ll probably get an auto close response but post the Ticket ID here, and we can re-open and escalate it.

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