Certificate deadline

Hello. The installed Cloudflare Origin Server certificate, according to the hosting technical support, is valid until Sep 10, 2024. In Cloudflare certificate download page the deadline is Jun 9, 2039. Where is the mistake? Thanks.

Are you confusing the Universal SSL edge certificate (valid for 90 days) that visitors to your website will see with the Cloudflare origin certificate you can download to put on your server (valid up to 15 years)?

The edge certificate is managed by Cloudflare and will be renewed around 30 days before expiry.

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Certificate was created and downloaded in the section: SSL/TLS > Origin Server > Origin Certificates. Near download link is the date: Expires On Jun 9, 2039. Formally, looks correct.

Or try to resolve the issue by revoking the current certificate and creating a new one?

Revoking a certificate is only necessary if you have lost control of the private key. If that has not happened, you don’t need to revoke any certificates.

I would encourage taking more time to ensure that someone is not confusing the origin certificate and edge certificate as @sjr mentioned. It is a very likely possibility. Using curl to test by IP is a good way to ensure that you know where you are connecting.

I’ll wait for autumn and see what happens. Thanks for your time.

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