Certificate data not found for host in secret

I’ve followed this guide with no luck using the latest argo ingress controller 0.5.3

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Below is a snippet of the error from the ingress controller logs

time="2018-11-14T05:07:18Z" level=info msg="secret 'my.domain.secret.key.com' found for label 'Cloudflare-argo/domain=my.domain.secret.key.com'"
time="2018-11-14T05:07:18Z" level=error msg="dropping object '\"update:noc/cf-my-domain-secret-key-com/noc-endpoints\"' out of the queue, err 'Certificate data not found for host my.domain.secret.key.com in secret Cloudflared-cert/cert.pem'"

As you can see it finds my cert which I created explicitly for this domain, but then tells me there is no data found for this domain??