Certificate behavior strange


Actions taken:

  1. I have set up 2 sites example1.com and example2.com on my server
  2. I have set up LetsEncrypt for example1.com + www.example1.com + example2.com + www.example2.com
  3. I did a DNS delegation to CF and set up A records for my server
  4. All my server settings are identical for example1 and example2
  5. All dash.cloudflare.com settings are identical for both domains

Problem and question:
Why is example1 seen externally with CF certificate and example2 with LetsEncrypt?
What could I have done wrong?

Best Regards

Hi @tdcf,

Cloudflare uses Let’s Encrypt for some of their certificates, so it could simply be chance that you got the certs from different authorities. Can you share the domains here or check the response headers yourself to verify if the connections to both domains are going via Cloudflare, or whether you may be connecting directly to your server, for some reason?

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Can I send you a PM?

Can you help me how to do it?

Based on what you’re describing, there should be no difference.

As indicated by @domjh , getting a specific example of where you’re seeing this behaviour will be a lot easier to advise on than a hypothetical scenario. If you can share this over a support ticket and post the ticket ID here we can give you an exact answer on why this is happening.

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Hi @lcrowter
Thank you very much for your interest in my problem.
Ticket number: #2177780
Best Regards!

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