Certificate Authority Invalid, On home network only

When I access the website from my own computer I get the following error: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID; I have asked other people to test the website and they are not getting an SSL error the error only seems to replicate on my own home network.

What’s the site? What browser/OS are you connecting from? Are you on Windows 7 or an old browser or something? You might need to update your certificate store manually if you’re on a platform where automatic updates are no longer happening.

ademiaone .com I am on the latest version of windows 10. Using google chrome, edge also comes up the same error.

Do you have any kind of custom DNS on your home network that could be causing lookups for the domain to resolve to the origin IP instead of resolving to Cloudflare? Like a home DNS server, or maybe you hard-coded the domain into your hosts file? Like if you run an nslookup or ping, do you see Cloudflare IPs (you should) or do you see the actual origin server IP?

When you see the error, if you look at the certificate who does it say the issuer is?

Yes, I see the original servers IP.

Also the issuer is Cloudflare Original Server Certificate Authority

I have done a router reset and that has fixed the issue, thank you for your help as you helped to to the root cause.

You need to set the DNS record to :orange:. Cloudflare Orign Certificates are only valid between your origin and Cloudflare.


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