Certificate Authority Bundle

Where can I find my Certificate Authority Bundle information for our SSL certificate to provide to our dedicating hosting platform?

That link doesn’t provide any CABUNDLE data info to upload to my hosting.

It provides the root certificate for origin certificates. This is what you were asking, werent you.

No I was asking where to find the Certificate Authority Bundle (CABUNDLE) that is being requested from my hosting platform.

Well, that should be the root certificate I linked to. If you need this in a particular format, you will have to package this yourself, but the certificate is there.

No specific format but when I enter it it’s saying invalid

You need to clarify this with your host then. That is the root certificate you are looking for.

Ok thank you

I got it to work but it’s still not displaying encryption on our website. I received this message from our hosting and have no idea what they are talking about.

Hello Ian,

As you may know, you are using CloudFlare CDN and currently, your encryption is performed via their Universal SSL configuration. By default CloudFlare support TLSv1:


In order to disable TLSv1 support via CloudFlare you need to enable the option Require Modern TLS or check the minimum TLS version. Check CloudFlare blog for more information:

Best Regards,

Milko Nozhchev
Senior Technical Support

Your site appears to load fine at this point.

It’s showing as not secure.

That seems to be “mixed content” and thats something you need to talk to your web developer about to. Also, use the search here for that keyword for more details.

As for changing the minimum SSL version, you can do that at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/ssl-tls/edge-certificates

It’s been changed to TLS 1.2 but still not showing as a secure website which is what we are trying to accomplish

That is not a version issue.

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