Certificate and private key

How to get this cert below to provide it into my hosting because i’m getting this error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Any help or explanation?, Thanks.

In what circumstances you will see this? I’m not getting this error from my side.

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That’s the certificate on the proxy server that visitors use to get HTTPS. It’s not the certificate your origin server should be using.

And as with Eric, I’m not seeing that issue:

I tried on different browsers, maybe it’s not global yet?

Visit http://www.islamsc1.me/cdn-cgi/trace and see whether it is showing some information?

I got this

Hmmm…that’s definitely Cloudflare. Interestingly enough, though, it’s not giving your the SSL error. But you tried it with ‘www’. How about without ‘www’?

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Try the other combinations:




Https works on www mmm

Your ISP might be slow in refreshing the DNS records for the non-www domain. It looks like you are directly accessing your server (without Cloudflare) when you are accessing non-www domain.

Try reboot your router or switch to another DNS resolver like or

I also noticed that you don’t have a valid SSL certificate from your server, so you need to generate one from Cloudflare and install it in your server or hosting provider:

After that, switch your SSL encryption mode to Full (strict).


Yes it works on rdp, i will try it, thank you so much for your help and effort

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