Certificate and ddns

Hello everyone, I purchased a domain on cloudflare with the relevant certificate *.mydomain.com.
now I have configured a DDNS always on cloudflare ha.mydomain.com (without proxy) and the IP update takes place via pfsense. Up to here everything is ok.
Let me start by saying that I now have a duckdns with a let’s encrypt certificate (ACME updates automatically). when I connect to https://ha.miodominio.com I receive the certificate error, and when I look it up I get the let’s encrypt certificate on duckdns. this is what I would like to do:

https://ha.miodomio.com --->my haproxy on pfsense --->http://server1
https://hxt.miodomio.com --->my haproxy on pfsense --->http://server2

and use the certificate on clouflare

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You can use pfSense DDNS to update your Cloudflare DNS. You can also obtain certificates for your DDNS hostnames using the ACME client in your pfSense by configuring a DNS-01 challenge. Most of that is beyond the scope of the Community. If you have some specific questions related to the Cloudflare portion, we can help. Between the Cloudflare documentation and the pfSense documentation, it shouldn’t be too hard to get working.

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