Certbot only accepts one instance per run

Moin :slight_smile:
I had to renew my certificates (gigi-home - nc, wiki, matrix)
On the machine is a cronjob for “certbot renew”.
I lately received a mail for my expiring certificate.

Today I did this manually and it shows this symptoms:
first run - first object returned successful, the other two failed
second run - skips the first, second object success, third object failure
third run - skips both first and second, third object success

Error message - Failed to renew certificate with error: Some challenges have failed.

I seems like I have to set an option in security settings which lets you work on them in a row, but I down’t find the point where to set up in Cloudflare.

Anyone has an idea?


I’m not sure how this question involves Cloudflare. It sounds like it is better suited for the Let’s Encrypt community.

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