Certain subdomains not resolving via

Hello Cloudflare community, just recently we started getting reports of issues with work from home users when they try to resolve some of our subdomains (my.humboldt.edu, portal.humboldt.edu) and they are using Cloudflare’s DNS servers.

Indeed earlier this morning I could not resolve my.humboldt.edu via (now it seems to resolve) but other subdomains portal.humboldt.edu seems to time out with no response.

Our authoritative NS servers seem to resolve, Google seems to resolve, ran a DNS checked and most came back good (DNS Checker)

Any ideas?

I think you’ve got some serious NS issues.


We’re Humboldt.edu, but thanks for the useful tool it does shed more light on the issue. Checking our firewall/server logs to see if there are denies or load on the DNS servers that would cause them to intermittent fail in responding.



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