Certain files are not CDN linked


Need help

Certain files are not CDN linked.


That domain is not using Cloudflare DNS or proxy services. So it’s not using Cloudflare at all.

So how do you set it up?

I want to speed up the site using Cloudflare

Request DNS settings to use Cloudflare.

Here are their instructions:


DNS changed
But cloudflare doesn’t seem to work
Also, the Railgun function doesn’t seem to work.

What makes you think that? Your static content is delivered very quickly, and the site scores extremely high on a speed test. As for Railgun, that needs a working Railgun listener at the host.


I installed a tool to check the chrome browser
However, cloudflare was not used.


That would be an issue with local DNS or a local hosts file.

Can you help me how to solve it?

Site looks great now, @jinosky.momo, are you still having issues?

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