Certain Broadband Providers Unable to Connect to Domain

I feel like I’m going a little bit crazy posting this, but hopefully someone might have an idea on how to point me in the right direction.

In the last 48hrs a small-ish sample of our users have started experiencing issues connecting to our API hosted at https://app.workshop.ws/

We haven’t changed anything recently to impact this, but our setup is Cloudflare as the DNS provider for our domain, with a CNAME record (app) pointing to an AWS load balancer.

I’m based in the UK and have a Virgin Media connection. Yesterday, from my laptop, I could access https://app.workshop.ws fine. My laptop is setup to use Cloudflare’s DNS resolver From an iOS & Android device both connected to the same network, I was receiving DNS lookup errors and was unable to connect to https://app.workshop.ws/ on either device.

I’m not sure if this is an issue with Cloudflare or an issue with our application on AWS. I can’t see any error logs in our application which make me think it’s an issue with our application.

Similarly, a user today based in Dublin, Ireland was on an Eircom WiFi connection and couldn’t access https://app.workshop.ws or our connectivity checker tool https://app.workshop.ws/connectivity-check - as soon as they moved to 4G (a Vodafone connection) both websites resolved correctly.

Any ideas or pointers from anyone would be a massive help.

Just to add to this, I’m seeing some very questionable results from: DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup

What could be causing an error like this?

The .ws TLD DNS servers were having an issue yesterday (unresponsive). That could very well be ongoing. If they can’t respond DNS servers can’t determine who the authoritative nameservers are for a zone. A whois lookup using their own tool fails for that domain, so it’s entirely possible they are still having challenges.



Thanks for the quick response & pointer - looks like you could be spot on here - we had no idea!

For anyone else who comes across this, you can track the status here: https://www.opensrsstatus.com/


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