Cert renewal request cancellation

We are getting lot of email notifications for cert renewals. We are no longer using any of these domains and we want to cancel those certs and make sure no email notifications are triggered for us. How do we do it. I’m not finding any certs on our free account to de-activate or delete. How should we do it?

Are these certs for a domain that is still active in your account?

No, none of the domains are active. We moved out of cloudflare and we don’t need these certs. How do we make sure there’s no more alerts for cert renewals from cloudflare

You should just be able to remove the domains from your account, and no more certificates should be issued. I’m not sure how they are being issued if your domains are not active.

Did you sign up for Certificate Transparency notifications for your domain?

I’m not finding these domains on our account? Where do i find the domains?

Not aware of signing up for Certificate Transparency notifications.