Cert invalid

Sorry for jumping into this thread

I am working on a website and its users faced a similar issue (screenshot attached, Mobile Chrome browser)

I haven’t personally faced this, hence I found this odd.

It is likely not a propagation issue for this website as it has been on Cloudflare for over two weeks

I also went through Community Tip - Fixing NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID, but the quick fixes recommended there, didn’t help. Reading through them, I got curious about the 8th fix. Could you be able to share more details about the timing issue mentioned in the 8th fix?


Is that your site, @prayag? If so, did you try option 1 and check/install the certificate on the origin?

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Thanks for the clarification about the timing issue

Regarding option 1, I did confirm that the website had an SSL certificate setup (screenshot attached)

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