Centralizing Domain Registrars

I would like to have Cloudflare have all my domains. I am able to move all of them pretty easy.

I have a question about one. I currently have a client that is using Wix. They don’t seem to want to change to Wordpress but I have their domain name. I read on the community that Cloudflare does not work well with wix, or not at all. Which I can understand.

My question is can I still move that domain over and turn off the caching on it so it does not cause problems with Wix or am I going to have to have that domain somewhere else and then all my other domains here on Cloudflare?

Would appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance!

Until Cloudflare lets you use other name servers with their Registrar service, you’ll have to stick with something else, as Wix doesn’t work well with someone else’s name servers.

Doesn’t seem to work at all but it’s not a problem. What you do is turn off the orange cloud and just use Cloudflare DNS. But I could be wrong and they need their name servers. If it’s just A records and cname it’s fine.

MrCloud: So have you done this? I don’t want to risk switching DNS and brings the site down. I know I was able to do it with Square, but square gave you all the necessary information to do that.

What records do they give you?

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