Centralised Management of Multiple Domains

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently having a domain called abc.com for which I have added the site in Cloudflare. I have two other domains abc.io and abc.eu .

All these three websites were served by the same Web-server.

As far I’ve understood, We need to add a site for each individual domain. Correct me if I’m wrong! Or if there is any way to handled it with a single Cloudflare site.

Or in the case of multisite in Cloudflare, I would like to know if there’s any way to Centralize the management of all three sites from a single location.


Yes, you need to add all domains.

No. It shouldn’t be much of an issue to go through and change a setting on each domain individually.

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Thanks Judge, for the information.

Yes, It can be any issues by changing individually, but actually we are looking if we can have a unified way of configurations to avoid configuration drifts across the domains. As we’re currently operating on around 15 domains, it will be much important to maintain the sites parallelly without configurations.

You can use CNAME on domain A, and point the rest of the domains to that CNAME.

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Thanks @very-nice,

Good idea,Will try that.

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